Fully-Collateralized Perps Trading

Safer, low-cost perpetual swaps on Cosmos

Trade on Testnet

Why Levana?

Perpetuals contracts with ZERO risk of insolvency. Designed from the start with a safer and transparent approach, Levana Perpetual Swaps are the future of real-yield DeFi.

  • Zero insolvency risk
  • Low cost leverage
  • No signup requirement
  • Open-source & audited
  • Cosmos native

What we offer

Levana's fully-collateralized model provides everyone with easier and safer access to leverage trading rewards and benefits. Learn more about our financial model.

  • 30x leverage, long or short
  • Adjustable leverage fees
  • Funding rates for market neutral trading strategies
  • Real yield for liquidity providers

Who we are

A passionate and experienced global team of blockchain experts, institutional traders, financial analysts, product experts, and business developers. Levana is uniquely positioned to create and deliver a safe, well-funded, and market resilient perps platform across the entire Cosmos ecosystem.