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Levana builds innovative decentralized finance solutions designed to make leverage trading accessible to everyone

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Who We Are?

Solid GameFi leverage products built by a passionate and experienced in-house team of more than 30 blockchain devs, crypto visionaries, financial analysts, designers, and game developers on the Blockchain. Levana is uniquely positioned to continue creating and deliveringwildly acclaimed, innovative products across the ecosystem.


Why Levana?

Creators of the true bridge between DeFi and gamification, Levana pioneered evolutionary NFTs, held the largest NFT mint on Terra to date, and recently launched the first multiplayer game on the Terra blockchain, gathering more than 4000 active players within the first week.

We're building easy-onboard leverage markets on the Blockchain, including the Levana Perpetual Swap Platform and LUNA2x.


Why Dragons?

Levana Dragons, the Levana flagship NFT project, is the largest and most successful NFT project within the NFT ecosystem to date.

Levana NFTs evolve over time, depending on how players interact with their NFTs, our leveraged products, and the community. Levana's NFTs play a fundamental role in the growth and expansion of Levana's community. Levana Dragons have proven that compelling storytelling, unmatched visuals, and interactive gamification can succeed at onboarding millions of new users to DeFi based crypto products.


The World of Levana

The story of Levana takes place 500 years in the future, on Mars. Society is controlled by a small, elite Faction who attempt to dictate all aspects of life on the Red Planet.
Cut off from Earth a few hundred years before, humans trapped on Mars had no choice but to rebuild their lives and start over. With time, 4 distinct groups emerge. The controlling Council, rigid Guardian troops, the rebel Free Martian forces, and the biddable Terrans.

Levana Dragons represent a metaphor for the introduction of cryptocurrency to society. The story of Levana told through games, blog posts, novels, comic books, and videos is designed to attract and onboard a large community to Levana, the Blockchain, and crypto.


Token Leverage

Our mission is to spread awareness and adoption of decentralized finance through versatile leverage trading. Our goal is not simply to create the best place to trade on the Blockchain, but to onboard a global audience of web2 users to the world of web3. We believe gamification and storytelling are the key to mass adoption of DeFi.